Two teen brothers arrested in Alabama Sweet 16 birthday party shooting


Authorities announced on Wednesday that two teenage brothers were arrested in connection with a shooting that left four people dead and 32 injured at a weekend ‘Sweet 16’ party in Alabama.

Alabama Law Enforcment Agency Sgt. Jeremy Burkett said that the boys – 16-year-old Travis McCullough and 17-year-old Ty Reik McCullough from Tuskegee, — were taken into custody on charges of reckless murder on Tuesday night. and will be charged as adults.  Sgt. Burkett said during a press conference Wednesday: “There is a tremendous amount of work to do. We’re going to be careful with everything we say and everything we do. We’re going to stay focused on the victims and their families. “

Gunfire erupted at 10:34 p.m. Saturday at a dance studio on Broadnax Street in Dadeville where friends and family were celebrating the birthday of a 16-year-old girl. The four people killed were identified by police as Shaunkivia Smith, 17; Marsiah Collins, 19; Corbin Holston, 23; and Philstavious Dowdell, 18. Dadeville is about 25 miles northwest of Auburn University. Four people remained hospitalized and listed in critical condition on Wednesday.

Prosecutors and police revealed few details on the arrest, such as the weapons used or possible motive for the attack.  Police said they’re at the early stages of the probe and are still in great need of the public’s help, especially from party guests who have yet to speak to investigators. Sgt. Burkett said: “We need you to come forward for the families, for these victims.” Dadeville Police Chief Jonathan Floyd also asked for the public’s help and patience with the investigation: “If we hurry, if we’re careless and we do make an arrest but it doesn’t result in a conviction, it does not result in ultimate justice for our victims, then we’ve failed our victims. Please be patient, please be understanding.”

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